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An Indecisive Conflict

Blue Sparkle Dividers by xXNami-sanXxBlue Sparkle Dividers by xXNami-sanXxBlue Sparkle Dividers by xXNami-sanXxBlue Sparkle Dividers by xXNami-sanXx
Hallow was pacing around the open room with anxiety covering her features. The fires around her body seemed to grow and shrink as they looked to be moving in a much more violent manner then they normally moved. Her eyes, so often seen as bright and full of hope, were now tired and cloudy, covered with the worry she felt.

A day or so ago, she had asked the other Highly Ranked cats for a meeting. At this moment her paw steps echoed around the empty Meeting Hall where she had asked for the others to see her. She did not know if the other cats would even come to the meeting, but she sincerely hoped that they would.

The Chandelure had news. Not a word of it was good.

She had spread her Rangers thin across the island in search of the missing poke-cats and the items. Nothing had shown up other than a small number of personal possessions of the missing cats. Nothing else. No sign of where they were, or where they had been taken.

Another thing that had been bothering her was the sheer scale of the missing items. There was no way that Team Rocket had been behind it. Another thing was a list that had been brought to her by Aire. There had been so many names. And there were plenty that had included Team Rocket members. That made no sense if the Rockets were behind this.

It was frustrating to be looked at so harshly and expected to fix so much. She could feel how everyone watched her for every mistake, how they waited for her to mess up so they had more of an excuse to accuse her of being unfit for the job she had been given.

It wasn't long before the sound of Tréfótur’s walking echoed through the hall. He was striding across the floor in contempt. His head was tilted to hide the expression of scorn on his face with his fedora, but by the way he moved it was too obvious. "halló" The tone of his voice was calm and professional but it couldn't hide his unease as he sat for the meeting. All he wanted was an update of where his tools had been taken; he would rather not be around the other high ranking cats... especially now that Marten wasn't here to defend him if he slipped up in some way. "You must be the acting head of the rangers."

Hallow nodded her head at the Ice type tom. She was saddened slightly at his scorn. However she hid the look as soon as she could.

The next to arrive was Lionel, who entered the room slowly and cautiously. He was alone with his two former enemies, and although he knew deep down that they were good cats, he was wary and rather skittish. He gave a quick nod of his head to the others, not wanting to say much until Jin, Zane and Haven arrived, and even then he was very scared of them. Hastily he took a seat, looking at his paws in order to avoid eye contact.

Heavy pawsteps were heard as Zane entered the room, obviously very tired but still smiling a fake smile. He looked around the room at the worried cats awkwardly before he sat down beside Lionel, feeling most comfortable by a pokecat with the same rank as him. Sighing nervously, he said "yo" with a bit of a yawn, greeting the three other pokecats, perhaps a bit too casually considering the circumstances. Thinking back to the disappearances, he wondered if this meeting would reveal anything, and in his mind he was couldn't help but doubt that they could do anything even if they found the cause for the pokecats and tools to go missing.

Jin entered the room. Although the door was opened gently, the air around the ninetales was tenser if at all possible than normal, his single red eye sweeping over the room and the cats with a blank expression.  With light paws the elite made his way over to a corner to sit away from the others.  As he passed by Treff, the fox's eyes lingered for a moment before looking away.

"Rather tense Tréfotúr. I would think that being amongst allies wouldn't bring such unease. After all, you wouldn't have anything to do with this."  Jin settled down, tails curling and folding around themselves and the tom's paws as he stared at the fedora wearing cat before looking to Zane, Lionel, and finally Hollow.

"I take it since you called a meeting; there is news to be shared."  Although his expression didn't change, the tone in the white feline's voice grew chilled for a second.

Hallow watched as three of the four Elite's had made their way into the room. Her pelt bristled slightly at the words of the fire type to the Head Harvester. No, she was not used to being in the presence of these cats, but she had thought they treated each other with more respect than this. The ghost type shook her head and heaved a sigh.

"Yes, I have news. It's about the disappearances of the items and cats, of course." Her eyes did a quick once over of the room. The yellow orbs rested on Tréfotúr for a moment longer than the rest. "I would like to wait longer for the others, but I suppose that they can be told at a different time."

"There was not a single sign of the tools. As for the cats a paw full of possessions were recovered. Sadly they lead us nowhere." To appear calmer then she was, Hallow allowed herself to sit before the others, her tail wrapped over her paws where she sheathed and unsheathed her claws.

"On another note, I know that Team Rocket was not behind the missing cats. I can't say the same for the items though." She grit her teeth for a moment, wondering if she should say aloud just how she knew. In the end she figured that she would get the question sooner or later.

"I know that they are not behind it because of the missing cats list that was brought to me. On that list were multiple names, plenty consisting of Team Rocket members." Her eyes narrowed and she looked at the cats around her once again, as if daring them to say a word before she could. "And yes, I know who they were because I was a Rocket, however that gives me more insight on the situation."

"Team Rocket, as cruel and evil as they are, would not kill off their own members. They need those numbers to stay high so that they can still stand against the rest of us. I’ve worked with Ace herself; I know the very basic ways that she thinks. And even in her deranged mind, taking out her own members would be a waste."

Ashes spoke from the side of the room, her voice firm and strong, but faltered with emotion at times. "Of course many suspect Team Rocket; even I am suspicious of them. They are our main source of crime, and are usually the culprit when bad things go down. The fact that they've been quieter lately is unnerving as well. But, before we go busting in their doors, thus creating unnecessary conflict and bloodshed, we should first completely rule them out as a suspect." Her blue eyes glittered, unsure of how the Rangers would take the information. "A plan will be organized upon your agreeance, that a spy will infiltrate their faculty, and uncover whether or not they are responsible for these missing cases." She nodded slowly, gaze swinging from face to face. "Sound like a plan?" Her tail flicked lightly, signaling that her opinion had been stated. She left the other high ranks to flesh out the idea. She wanted to see if they could come to a consensus on their own.

Lionel sustained a small gasp as these things were said and pushed his ears back even further. "S-So..." he began to stutter out, staring at the chandelure's forehead as he was too afraid to look her in the eye, "We have made a l-little progress, r-right?"

Treff spoke up. "would it be safe to assume that the tools were taken with the missing cats? I hardly know what the rockets would use them for unless they're in the scrap metal business now." He had been listening intently, trying not to show any outward aggression to the other cats. As he kept his peace he scanned the room in an attempt to read the others. He was prepared to speak up for the head ranger if he had to, but so far the meeting seemed calm enough. Let’s hope it stays that way.

Zane listened to Tréfotúr, nodding in agreement, before sighing "is it possible that the missing cats could have taken the tools and left?" he said it tentatively, knowing it could easily make some of the others angry, but it was the only explanation he could think at the moment.

Something sparked in Tréfótur’s countenance when the words were said. "That could be it..." He looked toward Hallow earnestly, "and if that was true the rockets may still be behind it. They could be mining for another legendary stone in the fissure." He hadn't been on the old island but he knew Aire, and Aire never shut up about the cataclysm of Poke-Paw Island. "Maybe they reported the rockets sent to be guards as missing because they wanted to play the victim!"

Lionel jumped at the thought of the rockets wanting a legendary stone.
They couldn't possibly be after one, he thought, skittishly hunching his broad shoulders. Not after what happened last time. Even more of us would die.

Jin remained quiet as the others spoke, eye narrowing a fraction at Hollow's claim of being a former Team Rocket. At this point he was only half listening to what the Lucario, Scrafty, and Snover, focused now only on the Chandelure.

" say that you are an ex Rocket member? How can we trust your words on anything involving those cats or this whole event to begin with?"  The white feline flicked his ear at Tréfótur’s remark and nodded slowly.  "That could be the case, but we can't be certain...of course if we planted a spy or recruited a rocket willing to work with us, we would be able to get answers more quickly than this tiresome game of speculation and guessing."

He glanced around the room with a bored yet agitated gaze before resting back on Hollow. "Do you have old allies or cats what would be willing to help you?  If we can't find one, one of us or a trainer could be sent in."

The she poke nodded to the Lucario. "Not very much, but some." The words had hardly left her mouth when the other cats started to talk.

The lucario began sucking back tears, although he knew he shouldn't be. The missing cars, the prospect of more hostile gods, and the possibility of the new head ranger being a rocket spy... It was too much for him to handle. Everything was happening so quickly.

"I-I..." he began mumbling, trying to make himself useful, "I c-could probably t-talk my brother into trying to, uh, spy for us. He's no trainer, b-b-but I've been teaching him to fight, s-so maybe he could...? O-On the other paw, everyone else p-probably knows someone better, so um, I don't mind if you guys ignore me..." He trailed off, his head having moved towards Jin, although Lionel was still avoiding eye contact.

Jin shot a look over at Lionel, lip curling slightly in annoyance. "Why would we ignore your words, everyone has a right to voice their opinion. Show more confidence in your thoughts, you're an Elite."

The lucario ducked down, blushing madly and pulling his ears back.  "O-Ok, J-J-Jin," he stammered quietly; obviously afraid of the ninetales.

If you appreciate his input, why do you insist on unnerving him Treff bit back the hostile comment and tried not to let it show in his expression.

Hallow’s ears focused on what the Fire Type Elite had said. She had flinched ever so slightly and there was a click in her head.

More emotions welled inside of her and her claws stayed unsheathed and dug into the floor. The rush of the feeling forced her to lose track of the conversation. She tried to take a breath but it was shaky and shallow. Once again her eyes met the one red one of the nine tailed tom.

"Yes, I was a Rocket member but that was only a title, not mind set. You can trust me because of my reasons for joining them, and leaving them." Her eyes became much colder and the flames around her body slowed to a sluggish pace. The stripes on her sides slowed and almost seemed to be still compared to before. "We can go over that topic anytime you feel that we need. I have nothing to hide." Her lips had curled as she spoke and she made sure to emphasize the last bit of her words.

 Eyes ever so slowly moved from the tom to try and focus back on the conversation. “I can’t say that I like the idea of sending in some poor poke to be with Team Rocket. But it is a good one.” Another glare was sent to the white tome. “As for ‘allies’, I have none. The only one I could have even thought of would have been my son, Aoi; however, he is on that list of cats as well.”

 For the first time she had spoken of her family without her voice cracking under the grief. For some reason the fact that he was missing did not bother her as it normally did. She felt numb to it; she almost was worried about the absence of feeling. But she continued on.

 “Sadly, even if he was not on the list I hadn’t spoken to him since the Poke-Paws event.” Sadness managed to tinge the edges of her words.

Hallow soon continued on with her thoughts. “At any rate, I know of two Rockets that left the ranks shortly after I did. One became a Trainer and the other became a Ranger, while we can’t send them back in they could have more information about what the Rockets are doing.” Her eyes moved around the room, they were still cool and she seemed to carry a heavy aura around her.

 It was clear to Treff that he let this conversation bite back at Hallow with his statement about the rockets. He regretted that he'd let himself be convinced by it. "Hallow, have the rangers searched the fissure yet? Or the... no they couldn't be in the castle." He shook his head in distaste for even thinking about it. “There's no way there could be survivors if the victims had been taken there."

When the Ice type tom spoke to her she flicked her gaze to him. “No. I told them to stay clear. We haven’t had a chance to send teams into Fissure and I don’t want anyone trying to go near it until we know more about it.”

She paused and gave it more thought. “I figure that it may be better to send a small team to investigate the Fissure. If we decide to do that then we may want to hold off on sending in a spy.”

"Well isn't that lovely. It would pose as an obstacle if you were hiding things from us."  Jin glared at her coldly as he listened to Zane. Hallow held the Fire Type's gaze in return. The cold aura around her remained as she thought about what to do. She didn't like the idea of sending in a spy, but it was a decent option.

"well I don't know much about the Fissure" Zane said slowly as he looked tensely around the room "nor much about the inner workings of team rocket, but in regards to sending a spy, I’m not so sure it’s a good idea" he paused awkwardly, feeling out of place in this serious conversation "I doubt they would tell a new member everything before they could trust 'em" he paused again unsure "besides what if most of the lower ranked rockets don't even know about these supposed plans anyways?" he shrugged and said "I’m all for sending a spy in if you guys think it would be useful, plus looking in the Fissure seems like a good start" in a nonchalant way, waving his paw, dismissive of his own words.

"If getting a spy into Rocket poses as a challenge, we could always try to get one of the high ranking members to spy for us and then take in the 'new recruit' and inform them of things going on."

"Perhaps it would be best if the spy wasn't among the rockets' ranks..." Treff was still uneasy that the other cats in power were so invested in this idea but he decided that if Hallow wasn't protesting this would be the better initial plan. "They should act like a bug on the wall... isn't there a Joltic in the trainers rank? I'm sure with his small size he would have an aspect of stealth..."

The idea of sending in a small cat on their own was frightening to Hallow. Even trained they would be surrounded and a simple slip up would pose disaster for everyone. A breath left her silently as she tried to think through the din of the other cats’ voices.

"If they are not a part of the ranks, their lives would be in more danger. Even if they are small, do you think that they would be able to gather enough, if any, information regarding the issue before getting caught?"  The ninetales spoke in a monotone voice, growing tired of the discussion.  This was why he hated coming to these meetings. It was talk talk talk argue talk idea argue talk.

"W-Well how do you suppose we get a Rocket to spy for us in the f-first place?" Lionel said quietly, briefly making eye contact with Jin before looking to the side again and slouching, embarrassed. He didn't like arguing with the other Elites, especially since he considered them far superior to himself.

"I m-mean, it's not like we can b-b-barge in and ask for someone's help," he continued, his voice growing softer and softer. "No Rocket w-would ever b-b-betray their team. We don't have much of an option b-besides getting a trainer or a villager or nurse or something."

Finally Hallow spoke up, her eyes focusing on Lionel. "You have a very good point. As far as my memory extends there isn't anyone in there that would go against the Rockets."

She shifted her gaze and looked at Treff once again. "As for sending in a small poke it would be very dangerous. The Rockets are a bit more observant then you would think. The risk of sending someone in there alone like that seems like it would be too much. A single slip up and they could be killed, or worse." Her eyes darkened at memories of a cat in chains, beaten and bloody, living if only by a thread. "The last thing we want is for someone to be injured while taking part in this mission."

Again she went silent. The memories had come and gone but there was a chill in her body. A light shake was given before she continued to talk. "It would be slightly safer, I think, if they are thought to be part of the Rockets. There would be a bit more trust between them and the other Rockets that way. They would also have more time to gather information. If we just send them in they would have to get in and out as fast as they can. They may not even get the information we need."

Treff took a short breath, maybe... "There’s a new villager in my ranks who may be able to spy for us..." Once he'd gotten the others' attention he continued. "Her name is Kyubuki and she's a Nuzleaf. She's very clever and not many cats know her well yet since she's just barely past kitten-hood. Perhaps she would be able to get in and out quickly enough and have the information we need. We just want to know if the Rockets have been hiding cats after all, já?"

"OUT OF THE QUESTION!" The fur along Jin's shoulders rose as he growled.  That was one of Nikki's kits, Mizu's best friend who had sadly died in the recent war.  "How dare you, having the nerve to recommend a cat barely out of their kit stage. Would you really risk such a young life, much less one of Nikki's kits?" A few specks of flame licked from the elite's mouth as he resisted the urge to torch the duel grass and ice type feline right then.

"There have been a pawful of new cats that have arrived at the island. They would work just as well.  And if we need to give a good reason as to why they want to join the Rockets, we could cause a little... commotion in the square and chase the spy into the forest, accusing them of, stealing one of those odd stones Haven carries around.  Of course we would give them a false one.  Ace is always looking for new ways to control amounts of power correct?"  He tore his eye away from Treff for a few seconds to stare at Hollow before returning back to the fedora wearing cat.

There was no way he would allow that kit to be a part of this plan, even if he had to fight the lot of them and hide her. Jin's eye narrowed darkly.

Lionel shuddered at the mention of Kyubuki. He had definitely heard of her from Nikki and Sparx, and if her relationship with her brother was good enough he may be able to sneak her in, at least, Lionel assumed he was joining Team Rocket judging from the bandana he had on during the festival. She would work, but... he sort of agreed with Jin. He knew Nikki would have hated him forever if he allowed something to happen to her daughter.

"I d-don't think it would be good to send such a cat that young into the Rocket base," he said, raising his voice a little more so that the others could hear him a little better. "I mean, I'm s-sure she's capable, but if she slipped up even once, we're d-doomed. Maybe an older cat?"

He sighed, tapping his claws on the floor for a moment. "Jin's plan could m-maybe work. I th-think."

"... are you both saying that youth is synonymous with incompetence?" Treff let his gaze rest on Lionel, the cat who was probably the only one in this room who would be intimidated by him. He didn't dare go head to head with Jin, but the Lucario might hear his reasoning more clearly. "I've seen what she can do. Our operations would be safe in her paws. You shouldn't take my villagers' capabilities so lightly." He gave a glance to the ninetails, "Surely you believe that a she-cat such as this... Nikki... would have raised a strong and capable daughter in her wake!" He grinned slightly as another thought came to mind, "Perhaps when she graduated from her schooling the rockets approached her and she turned them down. It would be easy for her to fake changing her mind. The other cats don't have the excuse of needing to 'find themselves' do they?"

Jin stood up and moved in front of Lionel, glaring coolly. "It is not that youth isn't capable of being able to handle things on their own. However if anything were to happen to her, Tempo would fall further into his madness. hHer brother took the death of his mother hard and losing his sister would be worse. On top of that their guardian Mizu would most likely come after your head for proposing the idea, if I don't first."  This time he didn't hold back the spite in his voice. "And do not think reasoning with Leo will help your case. Only cowards try and persuade those not confident in their own word. If you don't have the guts to back up your words you should remain silent. I won't let you try and manipulate him when he’s already gone through enough.  I may not have known Nikki personally but I do believe she raised her kits well, and I would like to see them grow into fine cats. Not placed atop of a pedestal in this predicament that we're in as some sort of sacrifice."

The air around the fire type grew hotter as he took a step towards Treff.  "And isn't it peculiar that you would state that she might have had contact with rocket and shot them down? Are you some errand boy now with them, recruiting the innocent?" There was a pause before he chuckled darkly. "We could always use you in that little idea I recommended before. I'm sure there are still cats who hate you for what you and your siblings did.  It would be quite realistic if we ended up chasing you out of town. A cat who has lived on the island for years, wouldn't Ace like that.  And think, if it succeeds, and you find out the information about the missing cats; bring them home, you would be a hero."

'And if he fails, he'll most likely be killed' Jin thought to himself as he stared across the room towards the sly speaking tom.

Lionel ducked his head when Tréfotúr began to speak, opening his mouth to speak when Jin stepped in front of him. At first he was worried that the ninetales was going to argue with him as well, at which point he would have fell backwards and not spoken for the rest of the meeting, but was relieved when he began defending his case.

The fighting-type wanted to help them resolve the issue, but he decided it would be wise to just let them debate on their own. Jin and Treff were, in his opinion, the scariest of all of the high-ranking cats, and the last thing he wanted to do was anger them.

Treff Purred irritably, "The very fact that I'm infamous would make me a terrible candidate. They would never let me in because it's obvious to the rest of the island, save the villagers, that I can't be trusted. They would never invest into someone like me. The same goes for anyone in this room. We're too well known, as are our subordinates. Any newcomers to the island will have that same attention toward them." He leaned forward slightly. "You don't understand how gossip works, but team rocket functions on it as a news source. The kittens are not "new" since they've lived here all their lives. They're also fluid. I haven't seen it with my own eyes but it would be stupid of them not to try to recruit the kittens. It's not unusual for a young cat to want to switch ranks shortly after trying out their job and it would be easy for her to fit in without seeming inconspicuous. Kittens are the most likely to switch vocations shortly after they begin work. I imagine that they act like a net, catching all of the cats who are unsatisfied with their jobs. "

He leaned back again, a red glint in his eyes, "And before you continue to accuse me of being aligned with the rockets you should know... ever since I came into office for the villagers I asked to have two rangers to patrol the court. Sol has been keeping the watch at night and Aire-" He chuckled with annoyance. "Declared herself as my personal parole officer. If they had seen any criminal activity from me they would have reported it immediately."

"I'm disappointed Jin... you have so little faith." He glared unflinchingly through the fire in the ninetails' eyes, "Accusing the Head harvester of being a rocket member, doubting the capabilities of anyone other than yourself. Kyubuki is a brilliant young cat, she even evolved recently. She's more grown up than you have given her credit for, yet you compare her to a sacrifice on an altar, a crippled mareep. Ekki vera heimskur! What would Nikki say if one of her close friends' companions were to speak so lowly of her daughter? I would be honored if a kitten of mine was even nominated for a mission as important as this!" His eyes flashed crimson and then they flushed with violet again.

**Tréfotúr used Swagger**

Lionel could feel his neck fur raise after Tréfotúr had finished speaking.

"C-Can we leave Nikki out of this?!" he said, suddenly raising his voice again. "She would n-never forgive us if one of her kits got hurt, Mr. Tréfotúr, a-and Jin and I would never forgive ourselves if it happened. I'm sure Kyubuki is more than capable, but if she did get hurt, d-do you realize how many cats that would affect?!"

Suddenly his cheeks flushed and he ducked his head down again, trembling a little. He didn't want any of the others, let alone a cat who was sort of threatening to eat them a few months ago, to get mad at him, but... "N-No," he said in a whispering voice, "Kyubuki will n-not be our spy. Absolutely not."

"what neither of you seem to grasp is that everyone on this island has loved ones close to them! Anyone we pick would be heartbreaking to someone if they were hurt! I want to have this investigation over as quickly as possible so no one else gets hurt! You take issue with my choice because it would hurt you, but isn't it selfish to demand others to feel that pain to pay for a less qualified candidate? They're more likely to fail but at least you'll save your precious feelings!" He wasn't directing his words toward Lionell at all by this point. He was still glaring at the ninetails intensely.

Hallow was breathing heavy. Her eyes were wide as she watched and listened to the argument as it become more and more heated. In her head there was another battle as she fought with herself to find a peaceful solution to what was going on. She agreed with both sides and did not like the idea of sending a cat just out of school into the fray. There was the risk of them being hurt and even dying if it came down to that. But Jin’s idea would be no less of a risk to the cat themselves.

What was the difference?

Treff had a very solid point. No matter who the sent someone would be in pain if they sent a cat. So why not send the one with the highest chance? Yes, that family had gone through a lot, but so had the others. She had as well.

"You think you can use your sly words on me tree top? I don't think anyone is incapable of doing anything, and I never compared myself in this at all.  You mention a patrol, yet I doubt only two cats watching you would be so much as an obstacle for you. As for my feelings, I am doing this to protect someone who's already been through enough."

Things just seemed to get worse and worse. Hallow and Lionel seemed to be ignored as the other cats fought each other. She continued to try and get a word in but she never saw a chance or someone, even the Lucario, would beat her.

Lip pulling back, the fox Pokémon snarled. "And if I care of your opinion of me. You can talk all you want about me, but that's not the matter. The matter is the fact that you're trying to send Kyubuki into this fray. I do not think she isn't incapable, but I will not stand to have her go into that mess-” Jin blinked his eyes, his head suddenly hurting, and growing more aggravated.  He paused mid-speach, wondering what had just happened.  Once it occurred to him that the cat had used a move on him to disorient the white elite, the anger built.  The air suddenly became very hot as the fur along his body bristled, making him seem larger than he already was.
"You....dare to use a low move on me?"  His growled in rage staggering as the room spun for a moment and he released a dark wave of energy  towards one of the two Treffs standing in front of him.

**Jin used Dark Pulse**

  "You're not taking either of Nikki's kits, and I will make sure of it. You low excuse for a cat, not even having the courage to stand up without using a cheap trick. I'll tear every last piece of fur off of your body and then scorch you." He shook his head, trying to rid the effects and stalked closer to the cat he was wanting to seriously hurt right now. The cat who was already on the ground…

The stress inside of Hallow was building to a higher level than ever. There was a ringing in her ears as her blood roared. The flames were twisting and flickering. The fire in the globe on her chest pulsed faster and faster as she felt the tension rise higher and higher.

Then she felt something snap.

The stress was twisted and changed into something akin to anger. The fires around her body flickered and paused before blinking back into existence, brighter than before. Her jaws clenched and her head lowered until her eyes were hidden under the brim. Had anyone been able to see them, they would have seen that they had shifted from their normally vibrant yellow to an ominous color. They were almost red, close but not quite.

Her face had also shifted. The formerly stressed and fearful look was replaced with a foreboding one. Her head lifted and she showed the changes to the rest in the room. As she did, a familiar aura filled the air around her and diffused through the rest of the room. A feeling came over her that was comforting but at the same time unnerving.  

Then she felt something else shift in her. With that shift she felt like she needed to join in the fight. Not even try and stop it from happening. Just instigate it further, just so she could watch the outcome. She fought the urge away and another took place. This time it wasn’t from inside.

The move that Treff had used caused her to become confused. The heavy aura around her thickened and she twitched. She was confused and that was not something she was used to.

She could hear someone wailing in her ears, but what they were saying and who they could be was still a mystery to her. The voice was familiar but it was so distorted that she couldn’t quite figure out who it was. Again her feelings shifted.

She felt more anger. It was rising inside of her and she felt an ache to release it. Her head was hurting more and more and she clenched her eyes shut in a vain attempt to block out the pain. It did nothing to help her and only seemed to intensify the feeling. The voice got louder and her ears flattened against her skull as the Fire Elite’s anger rose.

Even in her state Hallow could feel how the other was losing control and finally the final thread snapped, shredding the control she had been maintaining.

She stood and let out a yowl. Alongside of the sound there was a burst of dark energy that flew through the room.

**Hallow used Dark Pulse**

“All of you! Shut your traps!” Her eyes were filled with violence. “Right now, do you know what you’re acting like?! You are acting no better than those Rockets!

“Fighting instead of talking! Aren’t you all supposed to be calm! What are you! Kits?” The fires were once again lashing in rage, the stripes one her back were twisting and turning as if they refused to be still. Behind her she was whipping her tail from side to side in her fury. Breathing heavy and wobbling on her paws she pushed forward in her speech. “Leave the dead out of this!”

The words were familiar but she could not place them. The thought was ignored. “Tréfotúr has a point.” Her eyes blazed around the room before she returned them to Jin. “Any cat that we send in there has someone who cares about them. No matter what, everyone on this island has had something horrible happen to them at one point or another! There is no true difference! None of us can go because we would never be trusted and immediately they would suspect something.”

“Another point we should make is the fact she NOT a KIT anymore. Get that out of your head. I would allow one of my kits to make their choice on this.” At this point her voice was more of a snarl than anything else.

The snover struggled to pry himself from the floor. "and of course we would give them a choice-" His statement was interrupted by a fit of coughing. Jin's attack had hit him squarely in the chest. "We'd never force anyone into this operation without their consent  of course...."

Lionel, by this point, had virtually collapsed, desperately trying to hide himself. As soon as Jin had begun to use moves he had become a blue ball of fur, pushing back his ears and wishing he had never replied to the snover in the first place.
When Hallow started yelling and using Dark Pulse, he did his best to hold back tears.
Dammit, Lionel, he thought angrily, You're at a big, important meeting, you can't cry here.
"H-Hallow, uh, m-makes good points, I think," he started to say, trying and utterly failing to sound as stalwart as the others, his voice instead coming out in shaky squeaks. "A-And at this point I'm just going to go with whatever you all agree on so that we can hopefully not f-f-fight as much. Let's just, um, c-calm down so that we can speak rationally before we keep arguing about this, b-because I don't think we're really g-getting anywhere."
Lionel took in a deep, shuddering breath before trying to raise his head. "M-Maybe we could th-think up a short list of potential spies and ask who w-would be willing to go into the Rocket base for us?" 

Zane fidgeted uncomfortably his normal grin slouching a bit as he looked around at the other high ranking cats, he leaned towards Lionel to attempt to comfort the shaking cat "I, uh, agree with Lionel on this, we won't solve anything by fighting with each other anyways" he reached up and scratched the back of his head nervously, before standing up, his tail waving slowly back and forth as he continued "we should come to an agreement and not drag this on any longer, I still think that the rockets won't fall for a spy so easily, but there isn't much else we can do at this point, eh?" he was anxious to leave, not wanting to be in the tense and hostile seeming room any longer, plus he felt if they stayed together much longer it may result in a real fight.

The temperature rose as Jin's single eye locked on Hallow; pupil becoming almost nonexistent as it became just a thin line.  There was a low drawn out hiss as he was hit by the dark energy, but didn't falter in his stance.

There was a deep growl in the fox pokemon's voice as his lips pulled back and spoke in a heavy hostile voice. "You insignificant kit, dare to stand there and lecture me on the dead?  When you're very life BURNS off of their souls?"

Flames licked at his pelt, as if eager fledglings hungrily ready to please their master. "I am not an idiotic fool. I have seen several battles and lands beyond this rock that you call home. I have seen monsters worse than humans, and you want to stand there all tall complaining about missing items and a small band of weak cats."  The aura around the white tom changed into something more sinister, a wicked smile forming on his face. "You say it doesn't matter which cat we send, yet you're so adamant on sending this she-cat -tch it's a joke." 

He took a step closer, tails fanning out behind him as he stepped in front of Lionel and Zane.  His anger was to the ones in front of him, his hate.  "I have lived longer than any of you in this room. I will not be talked down upon by some kit who thinks she's in charge. If that were the case we wouldn't be here in the first place discussing things.  You're weak." 

Flames began to build in his mouth before a large blast of flames erupted; his Flamethrower being replaced by Flame Burst.  The blue fire hit the wall between Treff and Hallow, spreading up along the walls and out towards the two cats; the original impact point quickly caving in.  The sudden collapse of the wall caused a large hole to form and with it a draft of air that just fueled the fire more. While they were all distracted by the flames, Jin turned around and began to walk out the door.  Pausing, the fox turned and looked back at Hallow; dark aura still present. "Please, don't make me your enemy."  His eye glowed for a moment. "Do as you wish, however when things begin to crumble and you feel yourself slipping. I will do nothing but sit and watch..."

Flames of the Night by xSenkai

As the fire reared its flames, Jin used this moment and silently disappeared. Meanwhile, Tréfotúr rushed off in horror without any pardon. We can’t get ANYTHING done! He shrieked in his mind, How do we expect to govern this place when all we manage to do is fight each other?! Það er ógeðslegt!! He re-directed his sprint towards the Villager Court knowing they’d probably have to help save town hall from burning down. If they can’t come up with a plan of their own, I can’t sit by. He didn’t care if Jin would be after his blood. He’d lived long enough not to fear death, and he wasn’t going to let this be swept under the rug just because a pawful of cats in a room couldn’t sort out what was most important. He launched from the undergrowth into his flooded, fire-mangled fields, “FIRE IN CITY HALL, FARA! FARA!” He could only hope that Hallow had sent for the Rangers as well. If they don’t have the guts to make a move, I’ll act on my own.


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