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July 10, 2013
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Aire Application 2013 by Hawksfeathers97 Aire Application 2013 by Hawksfeathers97
Name: Aire (ah, I, ree)
Gender: female
Species: Swellow
Type: :bulletblue: Flying :bulletblue:
Age: 26 if she were human
Rank: Explorer
Room #: 2
Extra: her amulet

:bulletblue: Fly
:bulletwhite: Double Team
:bulletblue: Aerial Ace
:bulletpink: Agility

:bulletwhite: hyper, she has a hard time focusing on things, but she has almost limitless energy it seems. Sometimes she overestimates this trait and runs herself dry from working too hard.
:bulletorange: impulsive, she comes up with crazy ideas and chases after them with no regard for consequences. This usually causes her to be reckless, but sometimes it helps in making quick decisions. Don’t mistake this for randomness~ most of the time she does what she knows!
:bulletpink: curious, she always likes to explore and see new things. Being in one place for too long makes her feel anxious and restless. She has a lust for adventure in her blood.
:bulletyellow: optimistic, she always looks for the good in the things around her. She can make a game out of anything no matter the circumstance. She thinks well of almost everything and keeps an open mind about how to improve her circumstances.
:bulletwhite: Dauntless, over the last few years she's faced many physical and emotional difficulties. She's suffered loss, pain, and uncertainty, yet she always returns to her bubbly self.
:bulletorange: Nurturing, whether she's kitten-sitting or helping a friend through a hard time she will give all her love and care. She loves to be a support to those in need and will gladly be your shoulder to cry on.
:bulletpink: occasionally oblivious, sometimes while she's adventuring she forgets that she's in a dangerous situation. Hind sight is 20/20.
Her strengths are…
-she has loads of energy
-she is good at standing up for herself.
-she can come up with ideas (though they are silly) on the spot.
-her personality draws people in, so she makes friends easily
-due to diligent work and effort, her movements are now punctual and graceful, she's not clumsy anymore.

Her weaknesses are…
-she doesn't think things through and often gets herself and her friends into difficult situations because of it
-when she is hungry she tires fast
-her hyper personality can get a little annoying and hard to put up with at times for those around her, so sometimes people talk behind her back and she has a hard time keeping good friends for very long
-she can be a bit oblivious sometimes
-she has a hard time seeing other people’s point of view.

Held Item: Soothe bell: “Jinglie” She's had it ever since she was a kitten, she loves the beat up old thing to death. The ribbon is torn and ratty. It’s the only thing left that she has from home.she usually has it tied onto her under her wing.

A little background info: she has always enjoyed getting into mischief trying to find adventure. Her parents worried about her all the time and that annoyed her more than anything. Her love for exploration has led her to many grand adventures with some of her favorite people. She has an irrational fear of cobwebs, but not spiders, which is odd. It's gotten better though as she got older. She absolutely loves being in “danger”. (ie, being in the dark or perching on a fragile branch at the top of a tree) she finds it exhilarating!
She used to be a part of the explorers guild on the old island even, and her parents were always constantly worried about her being out and about. She was their only kitten to have survived a very sudden blizzard that killed her three brothers. They often got on her nerves, but as she grew up she couldn’t help but love them both.
It seemed like all was going well until team rocket enslaved the guild and made them take to the tunnels of the dormant volcano on the island. They weren’t sure at first what they were looking for but Aire wandered deep into the depths and found the magma stone that would later lead to the end of the island. Her parents were killed in Heatran’s attack and she lost most of the cats she knew and loved. Her whole world was destroyed, but in an effort to preserve her mother’s last wishes she seeks nothing but to help others.
When she came to the new island she joined the rangers to ensure that peace would be kept with the other pokes. Though the lure of the fresh new island beaconed, she would not be able to explore it until the brand new populous was settled.
More than a year later she decided that she should seek out what is left of her family, a migratory group comprised of her mother's side. She left the island to escape the winter and discover her heritage.

Extra: again, just the amulet

Relationships: She's met so many wonderful pokecats <3
shame that most of them are gone...

    (blank) they're alright!
:bulletblue: family
:bulletpurple: people who are nice to her
:bulletred: people she thinks are fun!
:bulletorange: people she thinks are mean, grrrr
:bulletyellow: people of authority
:bulletgreen: people she's afraid of!
:bulletblack: people she doesn't like
:bulletwhite: people who are dead
:heart: people she loves

Tanaka :bulletwhite:
Kali: :bulletpurple:
Her mom: :bulletblue:/ :bulletwhite:/:heart:
Her dad: :bulletblue:/ :bulletwhite:/:heart:
Her brothers: :bulletblue:/ :bulletwhite:/:heart:
Azure: :bulletwhite:/:heart:
Ira: :bulletwhite:
Ash: :bulletpurple:
Conrad: :bulletwhite:
Jade: :bulletwhite:
Allistor:  :bulletwhite:
Anapto: :bulletpurple:
Chewy: :bulletpurple:/:bulletyellow:
Marten: :bulletwhite:
Richard: :bulletred:
Luiqi: (presumed):bulletwhite: :bulletred:
Aoi: :bulletwhite:
Haydon :bulletwhite:
Sandi: :bulletwhite:
Sol: :bulletpurple:
Flu: -
Asara: :bulletpurple:/:bulletred:
Casper: :bulletwhite:
Bo: :bulletwhite:
Kiki: :bulletwhite:
Mato: -
Niccoli: :bulletwhite:/:bulletblack:
Nikko: :bulletpurple:
Miyuki: :bulletwhite:
Flare: :bulletwhite:
Lightning: :bulletwhite:

RP example:
Aire flew over the town, trying to skim as low as she could. "anyone still down here?"
Something was missing
something very important but she just couldn't put a paw on it.
She made a low pass over the marketplace, it was in ruins, but she wasn't sure if she could see any cat, the ash in the air was getting thicker. She perched on the roof of what used to be ivy's shop, and tried to think of what she should do when a wave of dread crashed over her.
where's my mom and dad...?
She began shaking as she looked around frantically for her house, trying to distinguish the wreckage as the town she once new. Then she saw it, a large gaping sinkhole right where their house had been built. "MOM?! DAD?!" she screeched as she streaked into the earth, but suddenly paws reached out and grasped onto her fur. She squeaked in shock, they were cold, very cold. She turned her head and was greeted by the face of her father, but something was wrong. He looked wrong and his paws were too cold.
"don't worry about us Aire." he assured with his calm, deep voice, "your mother and I are going to take your brothers home now." Behind him, her mother and still youthful taillow brothers hovered in the smoke.
that can't be right, they were dea- her eyes widened as her ears slid back, "you don't mean..."
Her mother licked her head, "You need to stay with the other pokecats for now, all of you have a long road ahead. They'll need help and you will too, but that's ok. Everything will work out the way it's supposed to."
"so don't be in a rush to follow us!" Rili chirped playfully. He looked so little now, it was hard to believe he was bigger than she was before.
Guni and Kyleep nodded and giggled, whatever was going on they looked excited.
am I dreaming?
Her voice wavered, "goodbye... then."

They were gone.
The second she said it they were gone.
Like they had never been there.
But her mothers words still rang in her ears.

They'll need help and you will too but that's ok.
With tears in her eyes she lifted her wings again "I have to find someone. There has to be more poke's still on this island."

:iconpocket-felines: Pocket-Felines
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Aire lounged about in a tree outside the rangers station. She'd been very excited to move in Kenny to his new room but now he was on shift at work and she was not. It was boring, horribly boring, but she couldn't pick up any more shifts today or else the deputies would lock her in her room so she could recover from overexerting herself earlier this month. Best just to try to sit still so they don't worry about her right? sure. I'm still bored though.
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Flare,just returning from congratulating Kenny,saw Aire in the tree."Oh,hello there!" Flare called."Wanna play?I'm bored!"
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Aire dropped from the tree and landed inches from Flare's whiskers, "do I EVER!" She paused a moment and sniffed at the other cat's muzzle with her eyes narrowed, "Your breath smells like Kenny's warpaint..." She stared the stranger right in the eye but said nothing else.

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