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Trefotur by Hawksfeathers97 Trefotur by Hawksfeathers97

((Deviantart discriminates against accents on letters aaaaa))

Name: Tréfótur (He hates it when people mispronounce it though, so Treff or Mr. Wood is… fine)

Gender: Male


Species (Pokemon): Snover :iconsnoverplz:  

Type: :icongrasstypeplz: :iconicetypeplz:


Age: He has aged 36 years physically, but he’s existed for 600+ years… so yeah


Rank: Head Harvester


Housing #: Villager Room 10



:bulletgreen: Wood Hammer

:bulletgreen: Ingrain

:bulletblue: Ice shard

:bulletwhite: Swagger



:bulletgreen: Guilty - For good reason, he’s done many things he’s ashamed of; the worst is his past cannibalism which was mostly enforced by his mother.  He extended his life by this means but he does not at all think it’s worth it. He'll be the first to own up to this fact as well.


:bulletblack: Paranoid - Since many cats on the island obviously hate him and he was put into a high rank he’s constantly worried about other cats coming for him. He thinks the other farmers are spies for the higher ranking cats on the island, so he tends not to sleep well until everyone else is in their rooms. He might get crabby if there are poke's staying up late chattering.


:bulletwhite: Polite - this is mostly around the higher ranked pokecats on the island and the rangers. The last thing he wants is to be in trouble again. Around the Villagers he’s in charge of, he’s his normal Gruff n Tuff mob-boss self.


:bulletblue: hungry for vindication - he wants to prove to himself and the ciarwood citizens that he’s changed. He pours much of his time and effort into his work due to this. Sometimes he'll randomly do kind things out of character as well, but he tries to remain anonymous when doing so. He knows that many cats still hate him and would not give praise for his services if they knew it was him.


:bulletblack: Grumpy - he tends to push his workers a bit hard without a real reason and mopes about often in private. He was like this before the events with his family as well. There’s really not much explanation as to why… maybe he just needs a hug?


:bulletyellow: Fair - he does just as much work as the villagers do on the farms. He’s not afraid to get his paws dirty and he expects his other high-ranking cats to do the same. Nobody sleeps on the job and you get back what you put in, no more no less, so you’d better get your tail out into those fields buddy!


Held Item: none currently

Extra: His hat is a white fedora with a blue sash, he often fixes fresh greenery, flowers, and berries onto it. His favorites are Holly and lavender, but he switches them up often dependant on his mood.


A little background info:

Treff used to be the organizer of his family’s yuletide tradition. He was respected mostly for his unusually colored fur among his mother and brothers. He was in charge of collecting precious metals like gold for his mother’s horde which was also a very prized job in their family. He often thought highly of himself and looked down on his Delibird half-brothers with hatred and malice. His half-brothers were often mistreated in their house almost like slaves of a lesser race, so he saw nothing wrong with this at the time. He was raised that way after all.


This year though, was the year the Ciarwood citizens arrived and ended their Yuletide feast permanently by killing his mother and two snover brothers for their crimes. He however, was caught making his rounds and was in the Jail at the time of the battle. Though they had the opportunity to break him out, his Half-brothers left him there. The Delibirds went free and are now living somewhere deep in the forest so as to not cause any more trouble; Treff remained in his cell in the Ranger’s station without a family.


This betrayal and some long cold nights in the slammer made him re-think a lot of things. When he was given the opportunity to gain the trust of the Ciarwood citizens, he took it. He proved his worth to the leaders of the island and agreed he could have a job, but not just any job. He had the chance to be a high ranking cat again, but this time it would be an honest line of work. He still keeps his mother's gem though, to remind him not to make those same mistakes, and to recall Marten's defence of his freedom. He keeps it locked away in his room out of fear of it being stolen. How strangely ironic.




:bulletwhite: no opinion

:bulletred: Anger

:bulletred: :bulletred: Hate

:bulletorange: Fear

:bulletorange::bulletorange: Terror

:bulletyellow: Friendly

:bulletyellow: :bulletyellow: close friend

:bulletyellow: :bulletblue: Family ((or considered family))

:bulletgreen: cats of authority

:bulletblue: sadness

:bulletpurple: guilt

:bulletblack: Dead

:bulletpink: crush

:heart: love


Delibird Half brothers: :bulletyellow: :bulletblue:/ :bulletred: :bulletred:

Henrik specifically: :bulletblue::bulletred:

Grýla: :bulletyellow: :bulletblue:/ :bulletgreen:

Grannur and Mathákur: :bulletyellow: :bulletblue:/ :bulletyellow: :bulletyellow:

Sol: :bulletyellow:

Marten: :bulletgreen:/ :bulletorange:/ :bulletblack:

Daedalus: :bulletyellow:

Nikko: :bulletpink:


:bulletyellow: :bulletyellow: / :bulletred: :bulletred:







Cicle: :bulletyellow:

Kyuubuki: :bulletpurple:

The Villagers not listed: :bulletwhite:

Everyone on the island he hasn’t met: :bulletpurple:


RP example:

    Tréfótur was awakened by the scuffle of feather-heeled paws as they dashed in and out of the ranger’s station. is it night already? His eyes glimmered with hope as he came up to the cell door and rattled the bars. “hey!” he whispered urgently. He saw the outline of a delibird come closer to his cage, his golden eyes glowed in the candle-light of the room.

    “Yeeees sir?” The Delibird purred in mock chivalry, “What seems to be the problem?”

    “the problem is that you’re standing there doing nothing while I’m trapped in a cage! That’s the problem!” He hissed menacingly, “Honestly, you delibirds can be so ignorant sometimes; I shouldn’t even have to say anything. Now, get me out.”

    The delibird widened his eyes, “ooooooooohhh is that so?”

Tréf rattled his door again, “don’t patronize me!” His heart started racing; what was that look in the delibird’s eyes? It certainly wasn’t fear…

    A second delibird slid in next to the first, “we would love to be of service but…” He slowly looked up and raised a paw at the base of the cell door, “you don’t have enough x’s on your threshold for us to take you to Grýla.” He inched his face closer to the bars, but far out of paw’s reach, “never saw that one coming, did you?”

    The snover’s heart froze in his chest, “y-you can’t be serious.”

    The delibirds turned to each other, “we should get these back to step-mother!” “oh yes, she really does hate it when someone messes with her dinner plans.”

    “don’t leave me here with them! they’ll kill me!” He began to panic as he saw them walking away, “I’m your brother! Please!

    “Half-brother” they sated plainly, “We owe you nothing from how you treated us.”


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Ozzie: Hey, Treff! What would I need to do to see about becoming a field manager at some point?
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